Marilyn unvails StarDC at ITPartners 2016 !

Breaking news : MARILYN datacenter will be showing StarDC at ITPartners 2016 !

IT Partners, is a leading IT distribution event in France. It will take place on 9th and 10th of March, 2016, in Disneyland® Paris.

Our team will be present at stand U35.

A StarDC in use will be demonstrated at the trade show during the 2 days.

You can visit it by booking an appointment here :


Careful, only a few slots available !


Focus COP 21 : the green revolution of datacenters

Data centers are often stigmatized because of their high energy consumption. However, alternatives exist: from its origins CELESTE offers innovative and greener solutions.

California, the land of technological innovations, is home to some 800 data centers. The problem is they need water, lots of water to refresh their servers. The equivalent of 158,000 Olympic swimming pools per year calculated the journalist Drew Fitzgerald in a Wall Street Journal article … But the region has such a drought since four years that mayors are asking residents to reduce their water consumption. A situation that questions the data centers on their medium-term operation.

In France, where the climate is more moderate, the problem of water consumption arises just as much. There are nearly 74 m3 of water per hour that are used for cooling the servers in a data center with a capacity of 1 megawatt. Part of this water is lost through evaporation or inefficient circuitry. An alternative exists: free cooling. This cooling technique uses air rather than water. However the heat of air quality are lower. In other words, we need a much larger volume of air than water to produce the same result: 240 000 cubic meters per hour for a data center with an electrical output of 1 megawatt. But « the advantage is that the air is renewable indefinitely, » says Nicolas Aubé, President of CELESTE. In addition, fans used for cooling air consume very little power, « 10 kWh per 1 megawatt server, or 1% of total consumption, so that close to 100% when should cool  » he continues. Besides the risk of loss, pump stops or other water-related risks are limited. In the end, a more reliable system, more robust and environmentally friendly.

The StarDC, datacenters « all-in-one » and Marilyn, the datacenter of CELESTE, operate in free cooling. Furthermore, Marilyn is the only high-density data center in France whose vertical construction allows the optimization of airflow. Saving about 6 GWh per year compared to a traditional data center, the equivalent of an office building of 150 000 m2, is realized. This innovation makes possible to reconcile advanced technological and environmental concerns.

Nicolas Aubé, President of MARILYN & CELESTE

Safe Harbor invalidated: a chance for data centers « Made in France »

The decision of the European Court of Justice terminating the Safe Harbor Agreement should generate a data relocation movement in Europe. Nicolas Aubé founder and MARILYN & CELESTE, the specialist of the green and proximity data center, offers his analysis.

The Safe Harbor was a legal framework for companies, under certain conditions, to transfer the personal data of European users in the USA. On October 6th 2015, the European Court of Justice found that the level of protection of personal data was inadequate and overturned the plan. A decision caused among others by Edward Snowden’s revelations about US surveillance programs.

The 4000 companies members of the Safe Harbor system are therefore left with a problematic legal vacuum. Of course, other data transfer standards may be used, but the lack of overall framework, uncertainty about the negotiations around a  Safe Harbor 2, and the threat of trial by unhappy persons with the way we use their personal data can only negatively influence their activity.

Faced with this situation, European and especially French industry has a role to play. Indeed, to avoid any risk, the major international hosting providers will now focus on data centers of the old continent. With a low electricity prices compared to the world average, highly qualified personnel in the field of network engineering and systems, plus a temperate climate for computer installations, France brings together many positive criteria. With this, MARILYN has also just launched a major advertising campaign to relevant US companies.

In addition, European companies should pay close attention to the new location of their data and ensure that these are hosted within their borders. The MARILYN StarDC, high density ecological mini-data center that enables businesses and communities to have their own data storage system responds perfectly to this new market trend. The data relocation movement is on: this is the time for the French datacenter industry to show its strengths.

Nicolas Aubé, President of MARILYN & CELESTE

French government to visit Marilyn

On Friday October 16th, 2015, 2 ministers visited Marilyn headquarters :

Michel Sapin, finance minister.

Myriam El Khomri, labour minister.

Nicolas Aubé, President of Marilyn, and Frédérique Dofing, General Manager, showed the Marilyn datacenter, and StarDC. The ministers were pleased to see these innovations and to 75 jobs the Group recently created.

As Mrs El Khomri says « employment is the matter of everyone ».

Nicolas Aubé showing Datacenter Marilyn to French ministers Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri

Nicolas Aubé showing Datacenter Marilyn to French ministers Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri


Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri visiting StarDC

Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri being introduced to StarDC


Myriam El Khomri at Marilyn headquarters

Myriam El Khomri at Marilyn headquarters