A french brand for the Internet ?

France invites the brand at the heart of any debate of the presidential campaign. Reflection affects all sectors of the food, textile or automotive.

Can we extend the debate telecom sector and imagine a France brand for Internet ?

In a few words, Internet is Google, Apple, iphone … some brands that do not smack of the soil too. But a little digging, the reality is not so radically … anglo-saxonne.

In simplifiant, Internet is both : a telecom infrastructure, equipment (computers, servers, tablets …), applications and also users !

As regards Infrastructure, even if the deployment is too slow, France adopts the optical fiber networks. This investment for an efficient and modern infrastructure is essential to open up territories and give companies the means to develop. The shortcut appears fast broadband to development, but do not forget that it was the same thing with electricity. Local communities by implementing Public Service Delegations on the fiber is also not wrong there.

Side data centers, it is true that a few hundred datacenters open to companies, the French offer is frankly below the current and future needs. And that’s saying something when you consider the obsolescence of existing facilities in terms of electrical power (density) or safety. More numerous phenomena exacerbate this gap : the trend of outsourcing data and infrastructure with Cloud Computing and awareness of the risk of host its data abroad (especially in unknown or unclear legal contexts). It is clear that major urban centers will integrate this new type of investment if they want to keep their businesses and especially jobs …

If we move quickly on the hardware component, French technology exists, and more on niche high-tech … But she does not seem to conquer the French users : design issue ? production costs between labor and components ? or premium to historical leaders ? Difficult to decipher the underlying reasons for this disaffection for the French equipment.

Side applications or uses, it is clear the development of e-commerce, services on the Internet or the proliferation of projects in incubators or nurseries in the digital sector. The development of open source and the emergence of new industries and students as the birth of a taste for entrepreneurship are many. However still a lot of projects to launch both innovation financing, SME development and skills development – not to mention the attraction of international expertise that undermines the circular Gueant 30 more 2011 for young foreign graduates.

The investment program for the future, work OSEO and some university courses begin laying the groundwork for the Internet in French but the finding is still a bit poor. The France brand for Internet remains to create ! But it carries a high potential for growth and employment.