Capsule technology chooses Marilyn for the hosting of its data

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To meet the high-availability and storage of its data security issues, Capsule technology has made the choice to outsource its production within the HEAVENLY Datacenter infrastructure, Marilyn.

Global leader in connectivity solutions of biomedical devices in the hospital information system, the Capsule technology group responds to a growing problem of hospitals : documentation of the computerized Patient record and the specialty folders. Connectivity options apply to all the services of the hospital, whether it’s critical care environments (intensive care, operating room…), General care (surgical services, medical services…) or emergency.

The key elements of the solution Capsule, the connectivity DataCaptor ™ software and the Capsule Neuron ™ platform, make a patient-oriented solution that integrates seamlessly with the technologies and infrastructures in place while greatly improving the methods of work of caregivers.

In order to meet growing storage-related problems to the exponential growth of the group abroad, and particularly in France and in the United States (80% supplementary CA annually, and multiplication of numbers by 2 in two years), Capsule has decided to outsource its production within the HEAVENLY Datacenter infrastructure, in Champs sur Marne. Indeed, the maintenance of the infrastructure became too binding, expensive and subject to repetitive failures.

Beyond the geographical proximity between Capsule France and CELESTE, the Marilyn site was prior to any selected on criteria of sustainable development and innovation. Indeed, TIER IV design with a fully lined electric chain, Marilyn offers a level of availability of 100%. In addition, the site’s security is enhanced by many technical and human resources : biometric access, surveillance cameras, control intrusion or guardians, without mentioning the site management procedures.

In order to strengthen the high availability of the infrastructure, two computer centres CELESTE and Capsule are connected by a Lan To Lan (interconnection) secure two links fibre-optic-based 1 GIGA. In addition, two data centers are connected in double piped through two different paths.

Taking into account the close cooperation between the two companies, of many developments and services are planned to migrate this project to issues products Capsule.

«The choice of CELESTE is a strategic choice for Capsule» says Marc DIZIEN, Director of the Office of the Global information systems in Capsule, ‘in addition to the problems of storage., maintainability and evolution of existing infrastructure of Capsule, We will respond to those of our customers : hospitals. Indeed, the sensitivity of the treatment and securing patient data is such that referral to specialists in the secure hosting is essential. » He concludes.

About Capsule

Capsule is the world leader in biomedical connectivity solutions. Hardware and software products innovative capsule allow to automate and improve the nursing process by linking biomedical devices to the Information System of hospital.

Care facilities using medical records computerized and other solutions software business can easily and quickly set up supply Capsule. It is independent of suppliers of biomedical devices, modular and expandable to desire and reduces costs, to increase productivity and improve the quality of care.

The solution of Capsule presents another major advantage : It fits perfectly to the technologies and methods of work already in place in the hospital. Founded in 1997, over the years, the company established numerous partnerships with leading manufacturers of medical devices and information systems providers. The Capsule solution is installed in most of 1100 hospitals across more of 35 country.