Companies, why not have your own data center?

At a time of cloud development, many companies are reluctant to take the step of outsourcing their data for reasons of proximity and security of the data center. How to combine high availability, high density and proximity?
CELESTE proposes to change the paradigms of this approach by launching a new offer: the StarDC, high-density and ecological mini-data center for business.
With the Marilyn Datacenter near Paris in France, CELESTE and ENIA architects have created the next generation data center. Ecological, high-density and high-availability, this vertical center has proven itself in 3 years of operation. Marilyn is an urban data center. However remained to meet a strong demand: that of the small regional data center, the easily installable package within the company, in France or abroad.

CELESTE, recognized business in the world of IT hosting and its partner ENIA architects have extended their research in this direction. In collaboration with Critical Building Consultants, StarDC was born from this need. This mini-datacenter of 4 racks combines the advantages of a functioning ecological high-density and professional operation without requiring heavy investment. It also responds to the risk of premature obsolescence of data centers usually built.
A containerized turnkey high density data center

Turnkey ready in an estimated period of four months, the data center with a capacity of 168 servers takes no more space than a parking space. Designed according to the principles of TIER III, it is also seen as a sustainable and modular solution. Indeed, total capacity can be quadrupled without impairing its performance. With a power of 20 kVA, it has two corrugated and redundant electrical pathways. Thanks to this system, the StarDC can operate independently for 20 minutes. Or more with the electrical panel enabling emergency mode for enterprises with an optional generator.

An ecological and economical cooling

This new patent ENIA/ CELESTE like its big brother does not use the water-based cooling. Indeed, the design of the container reinforces its cooling capabilities by ambient air. Four cooling modes are considered: free cooling, air conditioning, heating and mixed air. For this purpose, air handling and conditioning units are integrated in StarDC.

Operation and a customized operating

All the features of a new generation datacenter are integrated into the design of the container:

  •      Connectivity Fibre Optics – with two bays dedicated to Fiber
  •      Redundancy of all equipment
  •      24/7 real-time supervision
  •      Access control
  •      Video surveillance
  •      Fire detection and sprinkler

Depending on their IT staff preferences, companies can then make the choice to delegate the operation and maintenance of their data center teams to CELESTE.
The starDC is positioned as an innovative offer with a very competitive pricing compared to current offers.

MARILYN is part of the CELESTE group.