Datacenter – MARILYN Launches Private Ecological Hosting Suites

CELESTE continues its revolution through its cloud offerings MARILYN datacenter. In addition to its offerings of high density racks, the operator launches a new range of ecological and private suites. This offer meets the demand of businesses whose hosting needs are exploding with the development of cloud computing research and rationalization of energy expenditure.

To recap, the datacenter of CELESTE, MARILYN, is an innovative computer center whose main features are: high-availability, high-density and environmentally friendly. Indeed, thanks to its cooling mode free cooling internationally patented, MARILYN took advantage of a mode of economic operation to invest in a redundant infrastructure and high-density.Tthe electrical system is fully lined to the customer racks and densities reach 15 kVA per rack without any chilled water circuit.

Positioned on the niche of innovation in the field of accommodation in the datacenter, MARILYN launches the ecological private suite. This offer is based on the provision of a series of 10 racks or 410 U available with an electrical capacity that can vary between 25 and 100 kVA. This offer is based on a rationalization of energy consumption. Indeed, the measurement system allows the energy billing based on actual consumption. Second, it allows administrators to monitor the consumption and shut down unused servers to save money. Thus, the actors have incentives to limit their consumption according to their needs: they have a high power and low ecological footprint.
To make this system effective and help the management MARILYN enables monitoring the consumption in real time on the Client Portal. This monitoring is coupled to an alerting system for the clients administrators.

This offer is designed to meet the challenges of cloud computing, requiring servers and high-density infrastructure. But it is also part of the concern of the operator to revolutionize the world of green hosting with immediate concrete practices. This is why the price of ecological private suite is very attractive: billing is based on measured consumption, allowing companies that make efforts on their consumption to obtain significant savings.