Econocom chooses Marilyn for the extension of its data centers

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Independent European leader for computer and telecoms infrastructure management, Econocom Group offers innovative services solutions, particularly in the area of the Cloud. The company has opted to outsource a part of its infrastructure within the HEAVENLY Datacenter boasting a very high availability and security. A Datacenter CAMPUS was able to see thanks to the partnership with CELESTE, campus including extensions at a European level are planned in the coming months. The objective of this CAMPUS is to provide Cloud services to the unified time and closer to customers.

To implement this strategy winning and based on innovation, the Group relies on its European expertise centre, recognised contributors, a robust network infrastructure and values of responsibility and entrepreneurship. It is therefore no coincidence if the HEAVENLY Datacenter has been retained in the context of the evolution of the company’s infrastructure.

Beyond the geographical proximity between the datacenters Econocom and CELESTE, the Marilyn site was prior to any selected on criteria of sustainable development and innovation. However, the EEP target of 1,3 Marilyn is not the sole criterion of choice for this ‘Datacenter campus project « .. Indeed, TIER IV design with a fully lined electric chain, Marilyn offers a level of availability of 100%. In addition, the site’s security is enhanced by many technical and human resources : biometric access, surveillance cameras, control intrusion or guardians, without mentioning the site management procedures.

In order to strengthen the high availability of the infrastructure, two computer centres CELESTE and ECONOCOM are connected by a Lan To Lan (interconnection) secure two links fibre-optic-based 1 GIGA. In addition, two data centers are connected in double piped through two different paths.

Taking into account the close cooperation between the two companies, of many developments and services are being considered to develop this unique project of CAMPUS accommodation, which meets the expectations of companies in terms of reliability and performance.

Eric GUILLOT, Director Global Services Centres, “the choice of CELESTE is a strategic choice for Econocom which allows us to propose solutions for the future for our customers; We have very important ambitions of development around this partnership and already our new offerings meet a great commercial success”
Created there 37 years, Econocom is the first independent European Group of telecoms and computer infrastructure management. Fort of complementary expertise (distribution, funding, services and telecoms) and its range of innovative corporate solutions, Econocom assists companies in the transformation of their information systems.
Implanted in 17 country, Econocom group account 3 700 employees for a turnover of 1 584 million euros and a current operating result 66,6 million euros in 2011.