Marilyn datacenter, a 100% availability warranty

Just after 10 months of work, construction datacenter Marilyn CELESTE ends for commissioning in late September. Technological choices made throughout the project are now Marilyn the most innovative datacenter : ecological, high density with availability 100% and the power supply for maintaining the temperature.

Last October, the first stone of the computer center is placed CELESTE ; and 10 months after the datacenter is already almost finished. This new concept of datacenter arouses curiosity, panel visible presentation of the A4 has much. Visits are increasing daily : Hosts, banks, SSII or curious of all data centers Ile de France…

I must say that the technical choices make CELESTE Marilyn the most innovative datacenter year

  • Double electric chain with arrival ERDF 3MW
  • Two HV 20 000 In
  • 2 BT with local
    • tables with service levels “3 3 3″ to perform Maintenance, room change or upgrade hot
    • two inverters with inertial component thus avoid cool battery
  • Electrical distribution doubled for each bay
  • A generator sized to resume full power center

In conclusion, this architecture design TIER IV ensures availability of 100% power supply and temperature maintenance with a simple and robust approach. This is what attracted visitors beyond the quality of the suppliers selected for berries, inverters or energy efficiency very low 1,3 (PUE).

Originally patent Marilyn and President of CELESTE, Nicolas Aubé is surprised and delighted by the enthusiasm of the community to Marilyn “Requests for visits and solicitations conferences worldwide are increasing and the rate of pre-booking is higher than expected. We are proud and excited at the same time be 26 September for the first breaths of Marilyn.”