MARILYN offers 1 TB storage to all clients

At the time of the debate on data retention in France, MARILYN launches an unlimited cloud storage offering in its ecological datacenter.

This solution provides a private data storage and limitless, especially since customers can use their fiber 1Gb / s to deposit and retrieve their data.
A unique offering in the market to meet the growing needs of businesses.
The strong growth in enterprise data storage needs are currently limited by the proposed technical solutions. Tape solutions, NAS or SAN are not enough for IT staff. With this in mind, the team of Research and Development MARILYN has launched the challenge to offer an innovative and non-existent supply in the market: the elastic storage.
Naturally, MARILYN offers its customers to use their fiber to move their data in its datacenter. The technical choice of team-oriented cloud storage solution with multiple copies. With this approach, if the additional storage required, simply adding machines increases storage capacity, but are not limited as to existing SAN or NAS solutions. Thus storage is more limited by the servers. In addition, the capabilities of the solution may be increased without downtime or data loss.
For businesses, the solution MARILYN Cloud storage is billed per TB. The data is replicated in real time in the datacenter Marilyn. Marilyn has a high availability data center design, with 100% availability. As for the move of data, it is possible by FTP, SFTP, or rsync via broadband connections. The consumption monitoring is visible in real time on the client portal.
« The data storage consumes energy because the drives operate permanently. Thanks to the green design of Marilyn datacenter, we consume 35% less energy. We therefore propose an offer made in France and cheaper that our US competitors. This offer is revolutionizing the storage market by its simplicity and effectiveness,  » says Nicolas Aubé, President of MARILYN