Obsolescence of data centers and servers, a matter of availability

The interest of a company to put its servers in data centers based primarily on economic reasons : eliminating the costs of air conditioners, UPS, security access, maintenance of the room etc …. However it is necessary to remain vigilant on the quality level of service to which it entrusts its servers. Is it useful to remember that for most companies the « blocking » of its information system means a complete cessation of its activity ?
A recent study showed that 60% Failures of computer servers are due to failures from the environment wherein they are installed :
– Breaking of the electrical network, automatic or without sufficient recovery by UPS,

– Failure of air conditioners, transforming the computer room in a « sauna »,
– Dust deposition, generating false contacts in the circuits of servers

Originally many datacenter were built from the refurbishment of office buildings under the pretext that they already had a computer room. This leads to a rehabilitation facility originally healthy, but quickly reached their limits of reliability as and when they are « filling ».
Beyond an occupancy rate 70 %, it is common to see appear amenities that erode the reliability of a data center, for example :
– Creation of private rooms but only one air conditioner or without backup UPS lack of space
– Reducing the number of test operations and maintenance due to access difficulties : air conditioners in the rooms berries, rooftop
– Poor distribution of cooling air flow after changes in the arrangement of rooms : deletion or addition of partitions
– New equipment rooms without duplication of electric meters due to wiring problems or siteThese disparate changes have not only led to a decline in the quality of data centers, but also more complex daily operations : multiple interventions, difficulty of access, absence of substitution solution during interventions. Besides, it is common for operators to give up announcing the closure of their old datacenters.So what should be done ? Resume its servers. Not at all. You just keep in mind that outsourcing server is a project that falls within the period. It is entrusted by its servers for 12 month. One should choose a provider capable of providing consistent operating environment for 10 years to come whatever its filling rate, changing technology computer servers, operating costs … a datacenter XXI century.