Easy management of your servers

MARILYN services and benefits

Connection and production launch

Our technical teams support you during the preparation and production launch of your server cabinets in the datacentre. Organisational and technical aspects are prepared with you and you are offered the following proximity services:

  • Authorisation management
  • Technical information statement management
  • Management of production launch technical information
  • Advice on connection material and cables
  • Cable support – fibre optics
  • Loan of material required for installation
  • Documentation support
  • Test and defining procedures of your server cabinets and cabinet monitoring

Eyes and Hands – Level 1 Assistancecasquette

To save you having to be present, you can choose a Level 1 Assistance option. This service includes:

  • Accompanying unauthorised personnel
  • Receiving and storing your materials
  • Setting up caches on unused units
  • Checking warning lights or screen messages
  • Checking the electrical cables or network of your servers
  • Level 1 handling

Disaster recovery plan (DRP) and meeting rooms

The Marilyn datacentre is located next to CELESTE headquarters. We can therefore offer you a DRP room in the event of an accident or disaster.

You are directly interconnected with your servers hosted by the datacentre and you can receive all the services you require for your business: telephones, Internet connection, and more.

Moving your servers

If you wish to move your servers, we have agreements in place with specialised service providers throughout the region.

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