Non Stop Systems chooses the StarDC datacenter to host its platform CloudStar

The system integrator Non Stop Systems specializes in cloud and high availability systems.

Under the nu@ge project, they developed a hosting platform IaaS, to provide to their customers their own cloud infrastructure.

The first platform was commissioned in June 2014. Since, it is operational without a single interruption. Non Stop Systems chose StarDC datacenter to host Celeste CloudStar.

Marc TRIBOULET, President of Non Stop Systems, said « We needed a capacity of 20 kVA for our hyper converged solution with unlimited access to our platform. Furthermore, we wanted to supervise H24 operational conditions and physically control access to our facilities. In our tests, we have interconnected the supervision of StarDC with our own control systems. CloudStar StarDC form and a hosting solution for high quality cloud. We take customers regularly to visit our platform in the StarDC. The level of finishing and the quality of service impress and allow us to enhance our solution.  »

Non Stop Systems markets its platform with the Star Cloud StarDC to its customers businesses and communities. Triboulet Marc adds « the future of Cloud, is also in a distributed architecture. I am convinced that much of the future of cloud infrastructure will be distributed in many centers as the StarDC around the world.  »

The StarDC is an all-in-one turnkey datacenter, operational in just 5 days. Its capacity is 4 racks, or 168 servers with available power of 20 kVA.

All critical components are redundant (power and cooling). The StarDC uses the principle of free cooling and optimizes the flow of air flow by partitioning the cold aisle and hot, which eliminates the need of conventional chilled water and significantly reduce operating costs circuits . The StarDC is also equipped with anti-fire system, access control, video surveillance cameras and optical fiber arrays. Ecological and economical, its PUE is 1.25.