Our aim: to offer new generation datacenters

We think that many current datacenters do not meet today’s IT needs. They take the form of huge factories in the middle of nowhere which use a lot of energy and water. Operators have to circulate water in the servers to avoid overheating. Raised floors in these datacentres accumulate dust and thousands of cables adjacent to the cooling water pipes. In these datacenters, the network is provided by thousands of heavy copper cables. Likewise for energy distribution. Users cannot usually track how much energy they consume until they reach their maximum limit and servers are running 24/7, while most are only operational during working hours, i.e. 1/3 of the time.

Eventually, IT professionals and particularly datacenter operators will be judged on their environmental footprint.

We believe that datacenters should be more efficient and intelligent. Their design should be rationalized. This is why we created Marilyn in 2010.

Marilyn provides new generation datacenters to IT professionals with the following:

  • Urban location
  • High-density computing
  • No water
  • Eco-efficient
  • High accessibility
  • 100% fibre optic network
  • Permanent supervision of each use and cable

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