Nicolas Aubé, président de Marilyn

The founder and president of Marilyn : Nicolas Aubé

Nicolas Aubé is the man behind the Marilyn designs and patents. An analysis of business needs, combined with recognition of the inadequacy of current computer rooms with regards today’s IT issues, revealed the obvious need for high-density access: not enough datacentres, which are in any case not powerful enough and are obsolete and energy intensive.

The simulations entrusted to Enia have enabled the development of this new approach for managing free-cooling in high-density urban applications.

Nicolas Aubé is a graduate of both the École Polytechnique and the École des Ponts ParisTech, and is also founder of CELESTE, the Internet access provider for businesses, and administrator of Cité Descartes, the Marilyn Paris-Est – Cité Descartes site.

The enia architects firm

Founded in 2003, ENIA Architects employs around 40 employees. The office is managed by three partner architects, Mathieu Chazelle, Brice Piechaczyk and Simon Pallubicki. The multidisciplinarity of the team members (architects, engineers, environment specialists) and the strengths of the partnerships mean projects advance quickly, along with all the components required for their development.

The company simultaneously boasts a collaborative development method, which is highly demanding in the rigour imposed on the design partners, and real research work on the developed object. This is improved, from project to project, with formal, technical, semiological and poetic solutions, found to meet the questions raised by each programme within its environment.

In its nine years of existence, ENIA can boast a very large scope of reference within which industrial and technical programmes, laboratories, teaching establishments, public and cultural institutions and service agencies all rub shoulders. These highly diverse programmes are all approached with the same operational rigour and cost control, and with the same spirit of innovation and research.

The company has designed more than 10 datacenters, including the large datacentres of EDF, Natixis and Crédit Agricole.

The team in charge of the StardDC

  • CELESTE and Marilyn datacenter teams
  • ENIA Architects
  • Critical Buildings, datacenter consultants