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Marilyn is a subsidiary of the CELESTE group

CELESTE is a broadband and high-accessibility Internet access provider for businesses all over France.

Operating since 2001, CELESTE has an innovative high-end offer for businesses: Internet, networks, landline and mobile telephones and hosting. CELESTE broadband solutions are unique to the market, such as its 1 Gb/s fiber optic connection.

CELESTE positions itself in terms of quality of service: customized solutions for SMBs and other businesses, R&D services provided by experienced networks and systems engineers, unique solutions for the broadband market, dedicated contacts, and more. This high-end approach has to date won over more than 2,000 businesses.

Marilyn, the datacenter for companies

The Marilyn concept was initially developed to host CELESTE infrastructures (backbone, services, etc.), as well the operator’s business client servers. It was with this in mind that the operator invested in the latest generation materials, redundant, and above all launched a high-accessibility development.

The clients of the Marilyn datacenter receive the expertise of the CELESTE team in the fields of networks and services. However, as the datacenter is connected to more than 10 fibre optics networks, it is entirely possible for datacenter clients to choose connections with another operator.

StarDC, a datacenter for CELESTE clients

StarDC was developed to meet the needs of CELESTE clients who wanted to retain part of their IT infrastructure on their premises, while at the same time taking advantage of remote Cloud services. StarDC fulfils this need for confidentiality and transferability. StarDC was developed as part of the collaborative nu@ge R&D project, with Pierre et Marie Curie University of Paris, and other IT companies and laboratories.

The infrastructure network of a national operator

As a service telecom operator, CELESTE has its own network infrastructure, both for the network backbone and for the fibre optics network. Moreover, the company works with major operators in the Telecoms sector. The CELESTE collection network, or backbone, enables businesses to interconnect remote sites all over the areas they cover. The interconnection capacity is key for all security and VPN services, along with services associated with the nomadism of today’s professionals.

CELESTE has a telecommunications backbone with a capacity of 880 Gigabits per second, which is particularly useful for the consumption needs of 1G fibre optic clients. Indeed, CELESTE decided to develop its own fibre optic network to cover the 25 largest urban areas in France.

To address the issues regarding bandwidth and power, CELESTE chose WDM technology, traditionally used for banking, financial institutions and stock exchange networks.

The CELESTE fibre optic network deployment model is supported by the creation of its own infrastructure with ultra-performing fibre equipment, along with purchasing or renting fibre optic ducts.

Carte du réseau de fibre optique de CELESTE
To meet the challenges of bandwith and power, CELESTE has made the choice of the WDM technology, traditionally used by banks, financial institutions and stock exchanges. CELESTE network is based on its own infrastructure with ultra-high performance optical fibers.

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Marilyn Headquarters

Marilyn datacenter

Marilyn datacenter