Accommodation map : votre baie ou votre suite privative sécurisée

100% available and high density

Marilyn, This is a new generation of datacenter

  1. Une conception Haute Disponibilité
  2. 100% available with high density
  3. Adducte to several fibre optic networks
  4. Operated by professional datacenter and network teams
  5. Easy access to 15 kilometres from Paris (including RER)

Your custom hosting solution

  • Bay 600 x 1 000 with 41U with a code or key closure
    1/3 Bay and deprivation of suite 10 Berry high density
  • Power doubled for each Bay
  • Choice of the density of 3,3 kVA to 10 kVA per Bay and up to 50kVA for suites
  • Upgrade ups your consumption increases, According to availability
  • Up to 6 Bay cable 16A
  • Interconnexion privée entre votre établissement et le datacenter 1 Mb/s à 1 Gb/s
  • Internet access high speed broadband at the heart of the Internet
  • Monitoring 24/7

A comprehensive approach to your needs

You have in fact of a Bay in a data centre ultra-secure and protected according to the specific standards of the sector (fire, intruder…). You have a broadband connection with a bandwidth redundant.

  1. A complete solution integrating all security related to hosting constraints
  2. Offers easy-to-implement secure turnkey
  3. A secure connection between your seat and the datacenter
  4. A flexible and scalable bandwidth solution
  5. Response times to the speed of light through the optical fiber

You can choose shared a Bay, a tiered half-Bay, a quarter of Bay or a deprivation of suite 10 bays.

Your monitoring

Through your Client area you can monitor your accommodation in 24/7 with several indicators :

  1. Electrical power : kVA and KW
  2. Voltage
  3. Intensity
  4. Consumption

Equipment for your speeches

Each floor of the datacenter, you have at the level of the cold aisles :

  1. Working roller table
  2. Stool
  3. Screens with food
  4. Floor mats
  5. Coat racks

You receive at your home a safety cap for your speeches and ear plugs are self service.

Your services on the site

To facilitate your speeches, are available on the website : Devils, a beverage distributors. On the other hand, a small shop allows you to borrow or buy labelling materials, Tools…

Finally for your nightly speeches, security officers shall ensure the smooth running of your interventions to prevent any risk of accident.

Racks in datacenter Marilyn Racks in datacenter MarilynMarilyn green datacenter - from top