For management facilitated your servers

Marilyn benefits and services

Connection and putting into production

Our technical teams support you when preparing and implementing your Berry production in the datacenter. The organizational and technical components are prepared with you and you benefit from outreach services

  • Management of authorizations
  • Management of technical information
  • Technical information of bringing into production management
  • Council on material for the connections and wiring
  • Support for wiring – fiber optic
  • Loan of equipment necessary for your installation
  • Support to inventory
  • Test and recipe for your arrays and their monitoring


Eyes & Hands – Level assistance 1

To avoid all travel, You can choose a level assistance payment 1. This service includes e.g.

  • Accompaniment of staff not empowered
  • Reception and storage of your material
  • Establishment of caches on the units not used
  • Checking LEDs or screen messages
  • Verification of electrical wiring or your servers network
  • Level manipulation 1

Meeting room and room of PRA

George datacenter is located next to the headquarters of CELESTE. So we can put at your disposal a room for concern if found.

You be interconnected live with your servers hosted within the datacenter, and you have all necessary to your business services : phones, Internet connection…

Relocation of your servers

If you want to move your servers, We have agreements with providers on the whole of the territory.

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