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Nicholas Aubé, President of Marilyn

The founder and president of Marilyn : Nicholas Aubé

Nicolas Aubé is at the origin of concepts and patents of Marilyn. It's an analysis of the needs of businesses and the inadequacy of the current computer rooms with the new challenges of the IT, that the finding of the high density is imposed on him as an evidence : not enough data centers, powerful enough steps, obsolete and inefficient…
Then entrusted to the enia cabinet simulations helped to reinforce this new approach to the management of the free-cooling workplace urban density.

Diplômé de l’École Polytechnique et de l’École des Ponts-et-Chaussées, Nicolas Aubé is also the founder of CELESTE, the Internet service provider for businesses, and a Director of the Cité Descartes, location of Marilyn Paris Est – Cité Descartes.

The enia architects firm

Founded in 2003, Enia Architects has 40 employees. The Agency is led by three associated architects, Mathieu Chazelle, Brice Piechaczyk, Simon Pallubicki. The multidisciplinarity of the members of the team (Architects, engineers, environment specialists,…) and the regularity of partners allows to integrate very upstream all the technical components necessary to their development projects.

It boasts both a collaborative design method, demanding in the rigour it imposes associated designers, and a real work of research on the constructed object. It is enriched, project after project, formal response, technical but also poetic and semiological, made to the questions posed by each program in its environment.

In nine years of practice, the Agency enia can claim a very large reference field in which combines industrial and technical programs, laboratories, places of education, public and cultural facilities, tertiary buildings. These programs of natures very various are all dealt with the same logic of functional rigour and cost control, in the same spirit of innovation and research.

The Agency has designed more than a dozen data centers, including the important data centers of EDF, Natixis and Crédit Agricole.

The team in charge of the project StarDC

  • CELESTE and Marilyn teams
  • Enia architects
  • Critical Buildings