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Marilyn is a company of the HEAVENLY group

CELESTE is ISP broadband Internet and high availability for companies everywhere in France.

Operator since 2001, HEAVENLY offers an innovative and top-of-the-range offer for companies : Internet, networks, fixed telephony, Mobile, and hosting. Solutions Broadband CELESTE are unique on the market, as the fiber optic connection 1 Giga.

Celestial positioning is based on innovation and quality of service : tailor-made solutions for the SMB and Enterprise, R service&D of networks and experienced systems engineers, unique solutions in the broadband market, dedicated interlocutors… This high range approach won over 2000 companies.

Marilyn, the enterprise datacenter

The Marilyn concept was developed originally to host the infrastructure of CELESTE (backbone, services…) but also the servers of the clients business operator. It is in this context that the operator has invested in materials of the latest generation, redondés et surtout s’est lancé dans une conception Haute Disponibilité.

The Marilyn datacenter customers benefit from the expertise of the CELESTE teams in the fields of networks and services. However the datacenter being connected to more of 10 fibre optic networks, It is quite possible that the datacenter customers choose another operator connections.

StarDC, a datacenter for clients of CELESTE

StarDC has been designed to meet the needs of the clients of CELESTE, who wished to preserve a part of their IT infrastructure at home, while benefiting from remote cloud services. StarDC meets this need for confidentiality and reversibility. StarDC has developed the project of R&D collaborative nu@ge.

A national operator network infrastructure

National operator of service said to ARCEP, CELESTE has a network infrastructure clean both in terms of core network to fibre optic network. In addition, the company works in conjunction with the major operators in the sector of Telecoms in France and abroad. The collection system or backbone of HEAVENLY allows companies to interconnect remote sites on the whole of the territory. Interconnection capacity is the key for all security services, VPN or related to the nomadism of the professionals.

CELESTE has a backbone, It means a spine dorsal telecom, with a capacity of 880 GB/s inter alia to meet the needs of clients 1 optical fibre consumption G. Indeed, CELESTE decided to build its own fibre optic network, to cover the 25 more cities in France.

Carte du réseau de fibre optique de CELESTE

Carte du réseau de fibre optique de CELESTE

To meet the challenges of flows and power, CELESTE has made the choice of WDM technology, traditionally used for networks of banks or financial institutions and stock exchange.
CELESTE optical fiber network deployment model supports the establishment of own infrastructure with ultra-high performance fiber and on buying equipment or rental of sheaths of optical fiber.

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Marilyn Headquarters

Marilyn datacenter

Marilyn datacenter