Our mission : provide data centers next generation

We believe that many current centers no longer meet the needs of computing today. The major Mills lost in the middle of nowhere use lots of energy, plenty of water. Hosters must circulate water through their servers to prevent overheating. The false floors of these datacenters accumulate dust and thousands of cables … next to the cooling water pipes. In these centers, the network is provided by thousands of heavy copper cables. Ditto for the distribution of energy. Users do not know how much energy they consume, until they reach the limit ! The servers are turned on 24/7 While most work in hours, that is to say 1/3 time.

In the end, the professionals, and especially the operators of data centers will be judged on their ecological footprint.

We believe that data centers should be more effective, smarter. They should streamline their design. That is why we have created Marilyn in 2010.

Marilyn provides next-generation data center computing professionals :

  • Urbains
  • Haute densité informatique
  • Sans eau
  • Eco-efficaces
  • High availability
  • Réseau 100% optical
  • Supervisant chaque usage, each cable, All the time

Look at our products and choose a datacenter generation !