Monitoring of your servers in datacenter

In order to best satisfy your requirements, MARILYN met à la disposition une interface de monitoring via votre espace client en ligne:

Consumption of berries

You have the ability to track the usage of your bays via the customer area.

So you can find the intensity, the voltage, the power consumed and the temperature of the cables of your arrays.

This system allows to have a follow-up in real time of the consumption of the PDU outlet (power strip) .

Monitoring connections

For each connection, for example of optical fiber 1 Giga, you have technical information:

– Latency, illustrated by a graph of Ping tests

– The results of the traffic and the associated graph

– The graph on the quality of Service

Monitoring of your account

You can find your bills, enable new teams, Open tickets and follow… or read the latest news from Marilyn.