Marilyn : the 1he datacenter écologique haute densité

A datacenter designed by a professional for professionals

The finding of the dilapidated Fort and the inadequacy of the offers from the market, Marilyn has made the choice to create a computer centre, in response to the electrical needs and high-availability of the IT professionals. Marilyn has aims to become a reference for companies both high availability on the quality of the services offered.

Marilyn, new generation of datacenter

  1. A robust and secure building
  2. Availability to 100%
  3. A high-density
  4. A design and ecological operation
  5. A consumption billing
  6. Pas de circuits d’eau pour le refroidissement
  7. Pas de faux plancher


Marilyn : a patent, a brand for a worldwide innovation

When design studies, technical and engineering partners teams have sought to get a good energy efficiency. Indeed, computer data centers are extremely inefficient because they require climartisation systems to cool servers in operation. Work on the ambient air cooling pushed up due to a vertical construction and cooling managed by records depending on the outside temperature. This approach both architectural and technology innovative is unique in the world.

The patent has been validated by the INPI, the European office of patents as well as the UPPTO at the international level

An innovative datacenter by its power consumption reduced

The main innovation of the Marilyn concept is based on the vertical construction of the building. The data-center works in «free-cooling» total with the use of outside air to cool the server rooms. These built on five levels will benefit from a natural draught and an optimization of the aeraulic yields effect. This is the first time in the world that this architecture for a computer data centre is used.

Unlike other recent datacenters, Marilyn has made the choice of all air cooling : There is no network of ice water. The architecture of the site allows high density : 10 kVA per Bay, i.e. 10 times more than in the current datacenters with an only air cooling.

These innovative technological choices allow reduced costs and greater reliability : failure of the production of cold, the site is still up at room temperature.

In addition to energy savings, the vertical layout enables an optimized organization of the data center and a limitation of the needs of surface ground. This feature makes thus possible implantation in urban areas. The coup, the unit cost to the kVA of Bay installed in this type of installation is divided in half.

The gain in total power consumption is estimated at around 35 %, a saving of about 6 GWh per year compared to a traditional data-center.
This economy is the annual consumption of a conventional office building 150 000 m². The energy efficiency of Marilyn or stinks (Power usage effectiveness) is 1,3 either one stinks of the lowest on the market.