Enter the era of the Internet Green

Green datacenter 'Marilyn '.

Data centers consume a lot of energy. In addition to the computer servers, whose consumption can be optimized, the release of heat from the servers is very important. Current data centers consume energy to produce cold in order to limit the temperature of the rooms.

The P.U.E ratio. (Power Usage Effectiveness) is used to determine the performance of data centers. The P.U.E is defined as : overall site consumption / consumption of computer equipment 1 year of operation. Many actions are undertaken by players in the market to reduce the P.U.E. In the project 'Marilyn '., an innovative and effective approach is proposed to provide answers.

Marilyn is the 1st ecological datacenter high density in France and an emblematic site of the Cité Descartes, Sustainable development of Grand Paris pole.

Power consumption optimized

The average of the existing sites in France the PUE of 2,5, According to recent studies. New projects today target ratios of 1,8 or even 1,6. A recent study in the US showed this ratio disparities between 1,34 and 3, for data centers in operation.

Power consumption target data center 'Marilyn' is a P.U.E. target (performance) from 1,3. Thus the ambition of the Marilyn concept is to have a very high energy yield.

Technological options to reduce the power consumption of the site are multiple :

  • Architectural innovative design to cool a high density datacenter in "all air"., without production of water ice
  • Use of ambient air ("free-cooling".) 80% of the year
  • Recycling of heat from the machines to heat offices
  • Billing of power consumption on each power supply for each client

Ecological choices at all levels

To reduce the overall energy footprint in the data center, other solutions have been implemented

  • Refusal of batteries (lead) flywheels inverters for
  • Refusal of copper for wiring in Fibre Optics on 100% Sitemap
  • Implementation of the recycling of the materials

Aeration-exterieure Baies-datacenter

Les modes de fonctionnement du free-cooling de Marilyn

At marne-la - Vallée, as in much of the France, the climate is conducive to free-cooling, It means cooling by ambient air. Temperatures go through a below 20 ° C minimum daily ; and they exceed 32 ° C only 2% time.

The humidity is average, What is useful for the cooling mode, because the acceptable ranges for computer servers require a certain degree of humidity. The datacenter 'Marilyn' by CELESTE works based on automatic logs in different modes depending on the weather.

The 3 methods of cooling

  1. cold mode
    If the temperature is less than 23 ° C, either 80% time ; fresh air is filtered and breathed directly into the building without air conditioning.
  1. Hot fashion
    If the temperature is higher than 35 ° c., or if the humidity is higher than a threshold value, or if fumes are detected in outdoor air, the building goes into total recycling ; the air discharged by the server is air-conditioned and reinjected. This mode corresponds to 5% of the year.
  1. intermediate mode
    In other cases, outdoor air is used after first cooling.