Unique in France : offers high density

Accommodation adapted to your needs and consumption peaks

In France, Marilyn is only data center where you can have high density hosting offer. Indeed the offering of gram matches offers high density of other sites… This is possible because CELESTE has massively invested in important electrical infrastructure but also through the datacenter itself planning choices.

In addition to the energy savings generated by the free-cooling, the vertical arrangement of the building allows an optimized organization of the datacenter and a limitation of the needs of surface ground. This feature makes thus possible implantation in urban areas. The coup, the unit cost to the kVA of Bay installed in this type of installation is divided in half.

The architecture of the site allows high density : 10 kVA per Bay, i.e. 10 times more than in the current datacenters with an only air cooling.

High density : up to 15 kVA per Bay

  • 200 berries up to 15 kVA by Bay on 600 computer centre m²
  • Up to 6 cables 16 Amps per Bay
  • Electrical distribution double since the transformer up to the distribution of berries
  • Monitoring of electricity consumption in real time in the customer area

The density of your Berry (1/3 Bay, Suite…) fits your needs. It can be upgraded easily. Our monitoring solutions to support teams to advise you on the most suitable to your needs density.

A vision in the medium term of your hosting needs

We make the observation that the hardware, If they reduce in size, become more and more consumers energy. Thus the power of the servers is increased tenfold but their power consumption also. This phenomenon also tends to widen with new generations of machines and the generalization of Cloud Computing.

The use of computing resources has also evolved : It can be extremely variable depending on the sector of activity of end customers (balances for Web-merchants, school holidays for training organizations…). This trend implies needs in troughs and peaks.

This is why high density offers are proposed in the datacenter Marilyn and even for accommodation in 1/3 Bay.

On the other hand, We have implemented solutions allowing consumption billing, What is essential in the context of this rational approach to the consumption of resources.

DC Marilyn 3 Racks in datacenter Marilyn Marilyn green datacenter - rack power