The datacenter 100% Available

Un datacenter de conception Haute Disponibilité

The pitfall of some existing datacenters are their frequent failures, and the examples multiply constantly in the news. That is why the No. 1 priority was to invest heavily in new equipment, efficient and last generation. Datacenter Marilyn necessitated an investment of more of 7 millions d’euros.

A fully lined electric chain

Electric chain is fully lined (2N) :

  • Double electric chain with arrival ERDF of 3 Mega Watts
  • Two high-voltage transformers 20 000 Volt
  • Two local low-voltage
  • Two group of inverters, with flywheel to avoid cooling of batteries

A level of service “333”

Both 2 local low-voltage are equipped with level of service tables “333”. These facilities allow maintenance operations hot. Thus incident, the material can be changed without the need to cut all the equipment.

A low-voltage room inside

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High-availability to the Bay

In order to strengthen the availability of lodging, several design principles have been added to the Marilyn concept.

Distribution électrique double jusqu’aux PDUs dans les baies

Two-way power supply Bay. They are tested monthly in maintenance operations. Channel A is interrupted, Channel B continues to function and your servers are not interrupted.

Connectivity networks strengthened

In the context of the selection of the operator CELESTE fiber connections, the offer includes delivery in fiber lined, Optional. Two fibres are put into production with a dual attachment (two core network routers).

If you want to, You can also opt for connections proposed by another operator, particular to the msie up back-up. Indeed, datacenter Marilyn is adducte fiber by many providers.