Security strengthened and thought since the construction of the site

A nine and apartment building by function

Marilyn is a concrete building and nine which was built for a being a datacenter. Several principles of construction have been implemented. On the one hand, all resources are partitioned by function. So the site has facilities dedicated for equipment high and low voltage, physical security, monitoring… On the other hand, each floor is partitioned and space is structured in hot and cold aisles.

The risks are therefore limited to specific areas easier to identify and secure.

On the other hand, cooling free-cooling mode involves an air circulation facilitated. This is made possible by a separation between the floors by walkways and hence the disappearance of the often dangerous false floors of traditional data centers.

Monitoring advanced to control your infrastructure

The data center is monitored in 24/7 with a human presence on the site but by teams of double penalties : on the network and for the operation of the data center itself.

On the other hand, you have resources to monitoring your connections and your arrays :

  1. Real time monitoring 24/7, via your client access
  2. An option of reports and alerts, by email and SMS in 24/7

StarDC and Celeste headoffice

Human controls and many technical devices

Secure and controlled access

  • Network of surveillance cameras throughout the site with recording of movements
  • Control intrusion, enhanced by audible alarms
  • Checks for visitors
  • Registered access 24/7, with biometric control for all stakeholders
  • Human presence 24/7 and guarding by professionals

A fire safety

  • Fire with double detection system protection
  • Extinguishment by water mist high pressure
  • Electrical and air conditioning with separation of equipment safety

Teams trained and empowered

  • Teams on site trained in detection fire
  • Monthly maintenance and operations regular exercises for operation and standby duty teams
  • Controls and operating procedures focused on the physical security of the stakeholders, materials and data