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Vertical waterless datacenter Marilyn

Celeste & Marilyn Headquarters

Datacenter tout-en-un avec free-cooling StarDC

All-in-one waterless datacenter StarDC

French government to visit Marilyn

On Friday October 16th, 2015, 2 ministers visited Marilyn headquarters :

Michel Sapin, finance minister.

Myriam El Khomri, labour minister.

Nicolas Aubé, President of Marilyn, and Frédérique Dofing, General Manager, showed the Marilyn datacenter, and StarDC. The ministers were pleased to see these innovations and to 75 jobs the Group recently created.

As Mrs El Khomri says « employment is the matter of everyone ».

Nicolas Aubé showing Datacenter Marilyn to French ministers Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri

Nicolas Aubé showing Datacenter Marilyn to French ministers Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri


Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri visiting StarDC

Michel Sapin and Myriam El Khomri being introduced to StarDC


Myriam El Khomri at Marilyn headquarters

Myriam El Khomri at Marilyn headquarters

Non Stop Systems chooses the StarDC datacenter to host its platform CloudStar

The system integrator Non Stop Systems specializes in cloud and high availability systems.

Under the nu@ge project, they developed a hosting platform IaaS, to provide to their customers their own cloud infrastructure.

The first platform was commissioned in June 2014. Since, it is operational without a single interruption. Non Stop Systems chose StarDC datacenter to host Celeste CloudStar.

Marc TRIBOULET, President of Non Stop Systems, said « We needed a capacity of 20 kVA for our hyper converged solution with unlimited access to our platform. Furthermore, we wanted to supervise H24 operational conditions and physically control access to our facilities. In our tests, we have interconnected the supervision of StarDC with our own control systems. CloudStar StarDC form and a hosting solution for high quality cloud. We take customers regularly to visit our platform in the StarDC. The level of finishing and the quality of service impress and allow us to enhance our solution.  »

Non Stop Systems markets its platform with the Star Cloud StarDC to its customers businesses and communities. Triboulet Marc adds « the future of Cloud, is also in a distributed architecture. I am convinced that much of the future of cloud infrastructure will be distributed in many centers as the StarDC around the world.  »

The StarDC is an all-in-one turnkey datacenter, operational in just 5 days. Its capacity is 4 racks, or 168 servers with available power of 20 kVA.

All critical components are redundant (power and cooling). The StarDC uses the principle of free cooling and optimizes the flow of air flow by partitioning the cold aisle and hot, which eliminates the need of conventional chilled water and significantly reduce operating costs circuits . The StarDC is also equipped with anti-fire system, access control, video surveillance cameras and optical fiber arrays. Ecological and economical, its PUE is 1.25.



Over and above the standard guarantees, Marilyn offers highly developed maintenance services:


The contract cites visits to be undertaken each year by a technician on the client’s premises.

These will take place twice yearly.

This entails:

  • A general inspection of StarDC: internal/external
  • Checking the fire protection system (once yearly)
  • Inspection of the electrical installation (once yearly)
  • Checking air conditioning units (twice yearly): cleaning and replacing filters where necessary (the cost of parts is not included)
  • We will issue you a maintenance report.

If an anomaly or breakdown risk is detected and mentioned in the report, and upon request from the client, we will draft a proposition to restore the equipment to standard.


The D+1 service contract is valid in France.

In the event of defective material, upon request from the client, Marilyn promises to restore the equipment to working order within D+1 working day.

“D” being the date (day) specified by the client in writing for the service.

The price for providing parts is not included in this service (except parts under guarantee).

You must have the Supervision Contract to be eligible for this option.

For StarDCs installed outside of France, we can offer a replacement set of equipment and plan a servicing adapted to your needs.