MARILYN offers 1 TB storage to all clients

At the time of the debate on data retention in France, MARILYN launches an unlimited cloud storage offering in its ecological datacenter.

This solution provides a private data storage and limitless, especially since customers can use their fiber 1Gb / s to deposit and retrieve their data.
A unique offering in the market to meet the growing needs of businesses.
The strong growth in enterprise data storage needs are currently limited by the proposed technical solutions. Tape solutions, NAS or SAN are not enough for IT staff. With this in mind, the team of Research and Development MARILYN has launched the challenge to offer an innovative and non-existent supply in the market: the elastic storage.
Naturally, MARILYN offers its customers to use their fiber to move their data in its datacenter. The technical choice of team-oriented cloud storage solution with multiple copies. With this approach, if the additional storage required, simply adding machines increases storage capacity, but are not limited as to existing SAN or NAS solutions. Thus storage is more limited by the servers. In addition, the capabilities of the solution may be increased without downtime or data loss.
For businesses, the solution MARILYN Cloud storage is billed per TB. The data is replicated in real time in the datacenter Marilyn. Marilyn has a high availability data center design, with 100% availability. As for the move of data, it is possible by FTP, SFTP, or rsync via broadband connections. The consumption monitoring is visible in real time on the client portal.
« The data storage consumes energy because the drives operate permanently. Thanks to the green design of Marilyn datacenter, we consume 35% less energy. We therefore propose an offer made in France and cheaper that our US competitors. This offer is revolutionizing the storage market by its simplicity and effectiveness,  » says Nicolas Aubé, President of MARILYN

Cloud and Ecology, what progress?

Internet is often seen as virtual. But the Internet is primarily the linking of computers or servers and computing resources via routes called networks. If digital uses to revolutionize the use of transport are still marginalized, the Cloud trends allow for their presage a new dynamic to the Green Internet.

Decentralization announced by the new digital usages has not up to expectations. Remote work and videoconferencing still remain culturally misunderstood tools; business travel have certainly dropped a little but more due to the reduction in corporate budgets … Moreover, a closer look will show the proliferation of online orders do not favor this as reducing freight transport or packaging waste.
If customs do not allow the Green Revolution, one can observe that the digital industry is striving for its part to meet this challenge, not least for matters of cost cutting. Let the components of the digital industry one by one :

Networking : the smart grid is likely to remain marginal in France and in developed countries, although intellectually multi-purpose network merger is very interesting; the real revolution is the passage of the copper (more expensive) to the optical fiber. Whatever the current debate on rapid deployments, fiber optics is gaining ground and that’s good because it provides real environmental benefits: lightweight, recycling, pose …

Servers : Three components are taken into account: power, power consumption and materials. For the latter, the commonly used steel poses no major problem in terms of production or recycling. Rather it is the heart of the server that remains interesting to study. Work on power and heat emission, particularly with the project Moon Shot of HP, are extremely promising. Indeed, with a source reduction of electricity consumption as for use for cooling, the keys of green IT are emerging.

In addition, server virtualization also constitutes a great advance. Taking into account storage needs, data backup corporate and high availability (mirror server), growth is exponential needs.
Virtualization allows to multiply the power of a server by sharing more easily shared servers or multiplying the uses dedicated servers.
Taking into account the cost of existing virtualization solutions, we can imagine that new sources of innovation are still digging and offers open-source clusters will emerge quickly.

Computer data centers : data centers consume as small towns! As for hosted servers for their inner workings. Reuse of the heat is advantageous but not sufficient. The reflection should cover the overall energy efficiency, with specific measures – which the measure of consumption – and evaluation of collateral damage (projects on groundwater or ice floes). Cooling by ambient air or free cooling is very interesting in this regard; Yet it must be coupled with a requirement of high availability and high density without which these data centers will not meet the requirements of new generations of servers. Then remains the issue of building materials and the source of energy … more complex matters.

Applications : the calculation of the energy consumption of an application is very trendy and the recommendations are multiplying: no flash, choice of CSS … It is likely that these standards gradually incorporate the specifications for developers and system integrators … in a few years …

Workstations : the dream is an office without a computer, cables and other devices. And this is happening! Virtualization and cloud provide access to all IT resources through computer networks. We could have simplified communication tool accessing all data, applications … and in some ways we are already living this reality. Then remains the security requirements, confidentiality and access control.

Thus, will the green revolution be the fruit of cloud computing? This poetic vision leaves presage. Just as one can hope that the digital revolution businesses become a pillar of innovation and growth.

More on the Free Cooling by MARILYN

The quality of a datacenter is related to its power consumption optimization

Even if operators defend, the increase in electricity tariffs handed ‘flat’ traditional operation of data centers.

Originally for reasons of deadlines for placing on the market and economy of investment, the concept of the datacenter was modelled on that of the computer rooms. Investments were focused on technical equipment : air conditioners, electrical transformers, UPS… and their back-ups. For buildings, the model was the rehabilitation of space « offices »..

This approach has for some years exceeded its limits, and this for several reasons :

Too low electrical performance of these facilities

Recall here the requirements of a datacenter in electric power. To deliver power from 1kVA to hosted servers, It took additional 1kVA for air conditioning and double for each of their security system. Therefore a Bay of 10 kVA implied availability of 40 kVA.

The cost of this electric energy

Initially this cost was insignificant, but now a few years we are seeing an increase in annual and continuous between 5 and 7 % of this energy in the world : that is, in 4 years price per Kilowatt «took» more 25 % increase, and everything suggests that this escalation will continue (Source Reuters).

Quality of service guarantee in time

By definition, hosting servers is an approach that fits in the duration. For a Datacenter operator it means it must calculate its operating budget for several years, While most large amount was entirely outside its control : the cost of Kilowatt.
In this context, to maintain in operational condition their offerings, datacenter operators have only two solutions: either they regularly increase their rates to absorb this inflation, either they « are cutting back » on other expenses by agreeing to degrade the quality of their hosting services. The first approach is generally contractually impossible, It is only the second. It is ironic that it was precisely to prevent this degradation of the quality of the environment of its servers that the client has chosen to outsource its servers in a professional data center.
Let us not defeatist, because not only solutions exist and they are already marketed. Their implementations to generate substantial energy savings for a same accommodation capacity thanks to :

  1. The redesign of the cooling processes of data centers with the use of less expensive resources, natural resources as ambient air with free-cooling
  2. The use of inverters to inertia instead of batteries (less consumer of electric power for their maintenance in operational condition)
  3. An optimization of the use of certain equipment by the pooling of their function for the data center

In summary, We can consider that for a client the guarantee of the quality of a data center is its ability to optimize the use of electric power for computer servers hosting.

François Barre
Ingénieur Commercial Datacenter CELESTE

Art and sustainable development, CELESTE shows its commitment

CELESTE Greenflex supports the group in its mission of sustainability awareness to issues including energy and climate change through the art collection of French artists Lucy + Jorge Orta. Become a citizen of the world with the Passport Universal Antarctica.

Antarctic Passport universal was designed as part of the shipping Lucy + Jorge Orta artists on the Argentine scientific base of Marambio, located on the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic universal passport guarantees all those who wish, refugees, immigrants or ordinary citizens, the right to adopt a new universal identity without borders around a planet designed as a common good.

It is in a desire to support and nurture the artists Greenflex approach creates for the project a website allowing more become « world citizen » and animate this community. This site is developed through a skills sponsorship of Greenflex development teams.

Partner of this artistic project for three years, the company provides its internal skills and techniques environmentally friendly ways at each stage of the process: site design by web developers, choice for a website hosting green in the data center of CELESTE. This computer data center, MARILYN, is the first ecological datacenter high density in the world. Tower design allows cooling to 95% of the time by the ambient air or « free cooling ». The increase in total power consumption is estimated at 35% compared to a traditional data center, an approximately 6 GWh economy. In addition, the heat generated by the machine is used to heat the offices. On the environmental side, the choice of flywheels and fiber optics has also been eradicated lead and copper in the data center.
The objective of this approach: bring together all those who want to act to increase awareness of global warming issues. A first partnership was with the agency clusters: Northern, Grand Large group of travelers in the world that can feed the site of their experience and that of those who go there. More generally, the purpose of the sharing site is to provide the platform to educate people and businesses that want to share gestures, promoting behavioral changes and innovations that limit the warming.