Transport and installation


We ensure the transport of the StarDC to its destination:

  • In continental Europe by land
  • For worldwide delivery, the StarDC is delivered to a French commercial port, where it will then be entrusted to a transporter chosen by you

On-site installation

We carry out the on-site StarDC installation. This involves the following services:

  • Receiving the StarDC
  • Unloading, installation and mounting the base
  • Electricity installation
  • Setting up and tests
  • Training



Building management system

The StarDC is equipped with a building management system (BMS). This is linked to all main organs: (sensors, electrical switchboards, generators, air conditioning units, fire protection, anti-theft, access monitoring, a door-opening connection, etc.) and enables you to monitor your chosen operational settings.

The BMS has an autonomous inverter to reduce the risk of power cuts.

PDU and cables with electricity consumption monitoring

Each server cabinet is equipped with 2*2 distribution cables with a 16A maximum capacity. There are therefore a total of 16 cables.

We offer 16 PDUs (power distribution units), each equipped with a differential power switch and 5 sockets.

The cables are equipped with a system to measure electricity consumption, which is transmitted via radio. A receptor is placed in the inverter cabinet and connected to the supervision tools.

You can read your IT consumption on the technical management screen, as well as in the Client Area (if you have a maintenance connection). In the Client Area, you can see a breakdown of your consumption in real time, for each of the 16 cables and with the total per server cabinets. Consequently, you can opt for server cabinet co-location within your StarDC.


StarDC is equipped with atmosphere sensors and measurers to manage the site climate in terms of:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Electricity consumption

Supervision contract

Marilyn offers technical supervision of StarDC.

We provide the supervision interface from your Client Area.

You can activate the alert service to be notified about specific events.


  • Notification of opening/closing of the main door and the doors to the 5 server cabinets
  • Alarms
  • Temperature thresholds
  • and more

You will also have access to telephone assistance.


Access control of the StarDC

An optional automatic monitoring system can be provided. In this case, 10 blank badges are dispatched upon delivery of the StarDC.

These badges can be activated or revoked immediately via the Internet in the Client Area.

They open the doors, and access is recorded in the StarDC monitoring screen.

An access key is also provided.

Requirements: a maintenance connection









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