Unique vertical high-density waterless green datacenter

Marilyn datacenter is vertical, environmentally friendly and high-density.

The basic module comprises 2 towers with 5 floors each, having a computing power of 1 MW.

The first Marilyn datacenter has been in production since October 2011 in France near Paris.

Reduced surface area

The land area required for a Marilyn datacenter is 3,000 m2. This is a typical dimension in a business district near a big city.


  • A vertical and urban datacenter, one-of-a-kind architecture
  • 1 MW server power
  • 200 server cabinets, 8,000 server capacity
  • 100% availability
  • Redundancy of all equipment, high-accessibility design
  • 2N electricity supply: 2 high voltage rooms, 2 low voltage rooms, 2 generators
  • Direct free-cooling 80% of the year
  • PUE 1.3 target in country such as Europe or the main part of USA
  • 100% fiber optic cabling
  • Up to 15 kVA per server cabinet
  • Hot & cold aisle containment
  • No raised floors or drop ceilings
  • No chilled water network = 8 000 000 gallons of water saved annually!

Marilyn datacenterMarilyn green datacenter - from topDC Marilyn