StarDC, the all-in-one waterless datacenter.

                plug and play datacenter

Is your computer room adapted to professional hosting? Is there no quality professional datacentre in your area?

StarDC is a ready-to-install datacenter
 combining all the characteristics of a professional datacentre. It has been designed for businesses or administrative offices all over the world.

We can install it on your premises, outside, within 5 days.

You keep your data in your own StarDC : no issues related to confidentiality, fraud, service-provider errors or reversibility.

Potential uses are numerous :

  • Private Cloud
  • Transformation of your computer room into a datacentre designed for high accessibility
  • Extension of your datacentre
  • Temporary projects (construction sites)
  • Emergency datacentre for a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Cloud service provider to businesses
  • Integrators and resellers who market and implement the Cloud infrastructure

and significant advantages :

  1. Proximity to your servers
  2. Total control over your access
  3. Guaranteed high-accessibility environment
  4. Speed of installation: we send your StarDC within 5 days
  5. Extension of your computer room without modifying your buildings
  6. In contrast to rented server cabinets in a tier datacentre, no risk relating to confidentiality or reversibility of data
  7. Risk reduction (no chilled water circuits or raised floors)
  8. Significant reduction in acquisition and operational costs

StarDC is an environmentally-friendly high-density datacenter

  • 4*42U operational server cabinets, equating to a 168-server capacity
  • 20 kVA available power for IT (18 kW)
  • Optimised free-cooling, 1.25 PUE target
  • Zero water usage, WUE =0
  • Up to 37% reduction in electricity consumption
  • Designed for high accessibility
  • Redundancy of electrical equipment, networks and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Double fibre optic connection
  • Real-time supervision of all technical components
  • All-in-one package delivery to clients

4 StarDCs can be interconnected to operate as a single datacenter comprising 16 server cabinets.

rack in turnkey datacenter

stardc technique

Electrical safety

  • 2 independent electrical supplies (2N)
  • 2 reversers
  • 4 inverters
  • 4 PDUs per server cabinet
  • Battery included with 20 minutes of autonomy
  • Automatic generator start-up
  • Generator set autonomy: 48 hours
  • Real time monitoring of electricity consumption for each cable in the server cabinets

Temperature optimization and security

  • Cooling via air conditioning units
  • No chilled water circuit
  • 2N replication (1N is necessary and sufficient for operations)
  • Optimised free-cooling, use of external air 80% of the time
  • 4 possible operational modes: free-cooling, mixed air, air conditioning, heating
  • Temperature setting via the control screen
  • Cold/hot aisle containment
  • Zero water usage, WUE =0

Physical safety

  • Reinforced and secured metallic envelope
  • Door with 3 point lock
  • Access control using badges validated according to opening times and authorization
  • Anti-theft system via volumetric detector and external siren
  • Automatic outdoor lighting
  • Remote video surveillance via the online Client Area
  • Automatic fire detection and extinction
  • Ability to fix to the ground
  • Server cabinet double doors with fitted bars, coded lock, opening detection linked to the supervision system


  • Easy connection to any local fibre optics provider
  • Double fibre connection available
  • 2 fibre-optic distribution cabinets
  • Interconnection with your LAN in your legacy IT room
  • Interconnection with other StarDCs


  • 24/7 supervision of all components using an automatic system
  • Remote monitoring via extranet
  • E-mail / SMS alerts
  • 24/7 supervision by our teams (optional)
  • Maintenance contracts comprising different surveillance levels: preventive maintenance, interventions with recovery time guarantees


Expedition lead-time : only 5 days


  • Transport via lorry in Europe, via boat to the rest of the world
  • 18 m2 surface area required for the StarDC
  • External surface area of approximately 100 m2 for cooling purposes
  • Minimal civil engineering: adduction sheaths, stabilized flooring
  • Electricity supply in your building

Marilyn provides the following services

  • StarDC reception
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Training courses