Vue d'architecte du datacenter Marilyn

Towards a new type of green datacenter

Launch of a new generation data center : Marilyn

Vue d'architecte du datacenter Marilyn

CELESTE ENIA Architects and sign a joint patent for a new generation data center consumes less energy. The first prototype operated by CELESTE will emerge in Marne-La-Vallée in June 2011.

ISP for businesses, CELESTE has partnered with ENIA Architects to develop its new concept of data center. The combination of the two players has led to a patent and the project of a data center in Champs-sur-Marne, at the center of future cluster Eastern Ile-de-France.

CELESTE and its agency knew created the event with this project, innovative both technically and architecturally. Indeed, the market for data centers proves unsuited to age and ecological constraints in terms of power consumption of air conditioning for cooling computer rooms. In addition, the explosion of accommodation and offers virtualized applications implies a lack of availability including Ile-de-France.

The main innovation of this project is based on the vertical building construction. The data center will operate in total « free-cooling » with the use of outside air to cool server rooms. These built on five levels will benefit from a natural draught and an optimization of the aeraulic yields effect.

The gain in total power consumption is estimated at around 35 %, a saving of about 6 GWh per year compared to a traditional data-center. This saving represents the annual consumption of a classical building offices 150 000 m² and limits the release of CO2 into the atmosphere 540 tonnes.

In addition to energy savings, this vertical arrangement allows an optimized organization of data center needs and limitations of floor. This feature makes thus possible implantation in urban areas. The coup, the unit cost to the kVA of Bay installed in this type of installation is divided in half.

Designed to accommodate the headquarters and data center CELESTE, draft is based on a total surface of 1800 m2. Located on street, within the Cité Descartes Champs-sur-Marne, office building will continue in two computer towers positioned at the rear of the plot in a coherent Figure.

Features Data-center project
1800 m² de shon (900 m² of office and 600 computer centre m²)
• equip : 200 recall the 5 Average kVA bay first phase.
• Client : CELESTE
• Project– architect : ENIA Architectes
• BET subcontractors :
– High and low voltage, plumbing, structure, VRD : IOSIS
– Economy : 12 ECO
– Acoustic : LASA

Supported by the Region Ile-de-France, this project will be launched in September 2011 but has already attracted many interests in France and abroad in view of its economic and environmental benefits.

Mobility and cloud: an air of Roque?

The Internet, as we know it will not change suddenly, do not worry. We’ll just see a gradual evolution eliminate some « patches » that have occurred to make way for new protocols offering a new intelligence above the borders of the Internet, where services are managed and the users are. Two main forces stressing the boundaries of the Internet : mobile Internet users now addressed and routed in more IP, and virtual machines, IP also, also begin to move through the « data center ». It has therefore an inescapable similarity : Mobile IP users and virtual machines move will be managed with the same « tools ».

Within the cloud consortium, the focus is mainly on new mobility features of the machines in a context where the majority of users interconnect clouds through IP. It is here not just user mobility, manageable by changing the network location of mobile users, but also (mainly) mobility servers, virtual machines and services.

Managing such volatility attachments points users on one side and the other servers called for unification of protocols for IP mobility. Operational simplifications facilitate new advanced ubiquitous services; for example, a green data center management across the globe (« follow the sun ») : only the location changes, the Internet address of a server that moved remain the same in several datacenters at the end of the world. Therefore clones servers can coexist at the same time, for light (and locate) when it is dark (electricity is cheaper), or to share the load in case of congestion, or to distinguish the content based on the geographic zone. Or, servers follow more users accessing the, when the number of users accessing the same server becomes significant.

In this context, So what will be the « patches » destined to disappear, and new protocols ? Mobile IP, Your online v4 V6, with its routing mechanisms and encapsulation triangular or compatibility issues will no longer make much sense because users as well as mobile machines do not necessarily have a « house » reference. Protocols like LISP (« Locator Identifier Separation Protocol ») provide a distributed control plane to dynamically manage the location by IP-in-IP encapsulation end-to-end or intra-hierarchical operator. Some extensions to Ethernet, adopted to meet the needs of data centers and networks, mobile backhaul, Tello IEEE 802.1ad/ah/aq, too complex and costly (net flow and CAPEX) could leave space for new protocols through better scale as TRILL (« Transparent Interconnection of a Lot of Links »).

Plans LISP control and TRILL, both in the IETF standardization, adapt easily to situations where the locations of level 2 and level 3 change very frequently. LISP and TRILL could be gradually and essential to facilitate the emergence of advanced services Clouds at least regionally today, allowing management of 4G mobility and dynamic migration of servers with unattainable using historical flow technologies, and a significant improvement in Quality User Experience « clouds ». It is interesting to note that LISP and TRILL currently capture more interest from small operators to access distributed very Clouds, on many sites, than conventional operators following the contrary a monolithic approach Cloud, with few sites datacenters.

What remains is to define the coupling between these two protocols under a hypervisor high diversity distributed architecture that is sufficiently more effective than solutions with low diversity. Who says efficiency, said service continuity, reliability and availability IP.

To increase reliability and availability of the Cloud, it seeks solutions that can manage a strong geographic diversity and a high mobility of virtual machines, while ensuring continuity without interruption in a world TCP-UDP/IP. Under the cloud consortium, we aim to achieve higher levels of availability and reliability customizable to customer needs, type « carrier grade » (99,999%) and beyond, which can be secured through a strongly divided over a large number of sites hypervisor, supported by a control plan new generation.

Stefano Secci – LIP6 – consortium nuage

cloud is a research and development consortium composed of the following members :

• Non Stop Systems, Specializing in secure infrastructure solutions SSII

• CELESTE, ISP, designer of a green data center

• Oodrive, specialist professional backup and sharing files online

• DotRiver, eco-innovative virtualization solution and centralized workstations

• Alphalink, private network operator and telephony over IP

• Network Consulting, Host – dedicated servers and SaaS applications

• New Generation SR, consulting corporate social responsibility

• LIP6 laboratory teams REGAL and the PHARE, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris

Fundamentals of High Availability

High Availability concerns more and more companies as individuals, by dependence that create the Internet and new technologies, which are not always available. There is no standard regarding the duration of service interruption. It depends on the context and the criticality of the application.

For example, a navigation system in an aircraft is designed to have a lockup period 5 minutes per year, while the application billing company will be designed to a lockup period of one day per year.


haute-dispoHigh availability is defined as a system to ensure operational continuity of service over a given period. To measure the availability, a scale is used which is composed of 9 levels. A Highly Available Service is 99% available less than 3,65 days per year.

Calculer affinity to Availability, the following metrics are used:

1.MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) : measure the estimated time between 2 failure of a system.

2.MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution) : measure the estimated time to restore functionality.

At East formulas availability : Availibility MTBF = / (MTBF + MTTR)

Internet and High Availability

As more and more businesses, Internet is at the heart of the business and the need for availability is constant. Indeed, This media is used to communicate as much outward support for many business applications (CRM, ERP, etc.) or telephony.

It is therefore necessary to distinguish between the needs of the company on two levels : services available to customers versus services necessary for the internal functioning. One of the most telling examples is the websites of companies, which are now at the center of communication and most business enterprises.

High availability websites is organized around different axes which can be crucial:

• redundant hardware,

• Location of equipment,

• Application updates server security applications,

• securing the corporate network,

• the continued availability of backup solution / emergency / disaster recovery,

• sizing power equipment.

Hardware redundancy

Redundancy is the mechanism to replicate one or more components of an architecture with one or more identical elements.

Have n server(s) sur x site(s) allow redundancy of information, with a risk of failure divided by n x…

However we need systems that can automatically switch from one site to another. Systems most commonly implemented to ensure this redundancy are clusters.

Clusters can be active / passive or active / active. The first case represents a group of machines on which relief toggle infrastructure, while an active / active system will have both systems in parallel operation; in that event, one of the two materials can work solo.

Maintenance of applications and software updates

Applications can submit bugs, the resolution updates can correct these defects. Thus we can avoid malicious people explore a loophole that would allow access to company information. Have maintenance service therefore is important and sometimes taking into account the technical skills, it makes sense to outsource maintenance.

Failover in the heart of the device

It is a plan that allows you to resume full or partial activity after a disaster occurs in the information system. The purpose of this plan is to minimize the impact of the disaster on the activities of the company.

The key points in a recovery plan are:

• backup equipment

• the availability of emergency equipment

• backup solutions, with degraded mode (service quality) ex.: backup link with a smaller flow

Enforcement : the availability of internet for business

More and more applications require high availability of the Internet to function… The functioning of the Internet (see article on lab CELESTE) but also specific Internet connections help ensure full availability of it « naturally ».

Advanced solutions can greatly reduce the risk of failure or degradation of services :

1. Have multiple internet connections through different land issues

2. Ensure the permanent availability of a backup solution / emergency / disaster recovery (mode transparent)

3. Opting for connections with Recovery Time Warranty

4. Choose connections with guaranteed bandwidth

Have no internet connections

Have two internet connections via two different land locations may allow secure Internet access solution. In case of failure of one of the lines, This traffic is routed to say is automatically redirected to the second. The presence of two routers in active / passive mode strengthens the redundancy of the system. In that event, it is better to opt for an automatic backup, transparent to users.

Have a backup plan

In case of hardware failure, the material can be redundant infrastructure operator : while the equipment works seamlessly in case of failure, and as before the implementation of two routers system redundancy reinforces.

Opt for a warranty Restoration Time

The GTR is the guarantee of recovery time on a connection in the case of a service interruption. The GTR must ensure that the service interruption is the least detrimental to the company.

A GTR 4 hour internet connections will be the ideal option for IP telephony solutions or as part of a corporate IP VPN , especially when it allows the use of an ERP / centralized CRM.

Choose connections with guaranteed bandwidth

Even if the Internet service is not completely interrupted, it could be greatly altered. In that event, should check with their service provider to have a guaranteed rate. This is particularly important in the case of IP telephony. Indeed, an alteration of the quality of the link will direct consequence a decrease in the quality of the telephone communication.

For all links, SDSL, optical fiber but also ADSL, to have a guaranteed rate, a priority channel to ensure a minimum bandwidth for each specific application or use of the company is configured (telephony, internet…).

To provide a highly available service, must ensure that the infrastructure for the provision of this service is functional 100% time. In this article we are mainly focused on internet links, but do not forget the energy, air conditioning, servers, etc..

Criticality or availability rate necessary for an application or service thus guide the choice of Internet connections to implement a high availability solution. And all connections are not worth !

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