Hosting adapted to your needs and peaks in consumption

In France, Marilyn is one of the only datacenters offering high-density hosting solutions. Indeed, their low-entry solution corresponds to the high-density solutions offered by other sites. This has been made possible as CELESTE has massively invested in a huge electrical infrastructure, but also thanks to the design of the datacenter itself.

Beyond the energy savings generated by free-cooling, the vertical layout of the building facilitates optimal organisation of the datacenter and reduced surface area requirements. This characteristic makes installation in urban centers possible. Consequently, the kVA unit cost of a server cabinet in this type of installation is halved.

The architecture of the site provides high density: 10 kVA per server cabinet – in other words, 10 times more than in current datacenters using air cooling only.

High density: up to 15 kVA per server cabinet

  • 200 server cabinets with up to 15 kVA per cabinet for 600 m² of IT centre surface area
  • Up to 6 cables with 16 amps per cabinet
  • Double electricity distribution from transformer to cabinet
  • Real-time electricity consumption monitoring in the Client Area

The density of your server cabinet (1/3 rack, rack or suite) is adapted to your requirements and can easily be upgraded. Our monitoring solutions enable support teams to advise you on the optimum density to meet your needs.

A medium-term vision of your hosting requirements

We observe that, while IT materials are ever decreasing in size, they are also becoming increasingly energy intensive. As such, the power of the servers is increased tenfold, but so is their electricity consumption. This phenomenon furthermore has a tendency to be accentuated with new generation machines and the generalized use of Cloud computing.

Use of IT resources has also evolved: it can become extremely variable, depending on the field of activity of the final customers (sales for web businesses, school holidays for educational centres, etc.). This trend also engenders needs for solutions to address peaks and troughs.

This is why high-density hosting solutions are offered in the Marilyn datacentre, even for 1/3 server cabinet hosting.

Moreover, we have implemented solutions that enable us to set up a consumption invoicing service, which is essential for this rational approach to resource consumption.

DC Marilyn 3 Racks in datacenter Marilyn Marilyn green datacenter - rack power