Reinforced security from the outset of site construction

A new building with operational compartmentalisation

Marilyn is a new concrete building constructed specifically to be a datacenter. Several construction principles were implemented. First of all, all resources are compartmentalized according to function. Consequently, the site comprises premises dedicated for high- and low-voltage equipment, physical safety, monitoring, etc., In addition, each floor is itself compartmentalized and the area is organized into hot and cold aisles.

The risks are therefore limited to specific areas, which are easier to identify and safeguard.

On the other hand, the free-cooling method involves facilitated air circulation. This is made possible by separations between floors using duckboard, meaning the raised ceilings of traditional datacenters – which are often dangerous – are a thing of the past.

Advanced monitoring to manage your infrastructure

The datacenter is monitored 24/7 with human presence onsite, but also by two on-call teams: for the network and also for operation of the datacenter itself.

Furthermore, you are provided with monitoring resources for your connections and server cabinets:

  1. Real-time monitoring 24/7 via your client access
  2. A Report and Alert option via email and SMS 24/7

StarDC and Celeste headoffice


Secure and monitored access

  • Surveillance camera network covering the whole site with movement recording
  • Anti-theft surveillance, reinforced by audible alarms
  • Visitor identity checks
  • 24/7 nominative access, with biometric monitoring for all participants
  • 24/7 human presence and surveillance by professionals

Anti-fire protection

  • Anti-fire protection with double detection system
  • Extinction by high-pressure air steam
  • Electrical and air conditioning safety with compartmentalisation of equipment

Trained and certified teams

  • Trained fire protection teams
  • Monthly maintenance operations and regular exercises for operational and on-call teams
  • Monitoring and operational procedures focused on the physical safety of participants, materials and data