Art and sustainable development, CELESTE shows its commitment

CELESTE Greenflex supports the group in its mission of sustainability awareness to issues including energy and climate change through the art collection of French artists Lucy + Jorge Orta. Become a citizen of the world with the Passport Universal Antarctica.

Antarctic Passport universal was designed as part of the shipping Lucy + Jorge Orta artists on the Argentine scientific base of Marambio, located on the Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic universal passport guarantees all those who wish, refugees, immigrants or ordinary citizens, the right to adopt a new universal identity without borders around a planet designed as a common good.

It is in a desire to support and nurture the artists Greenflex approach creates for the project a website allowing more become « world citizen » and animate this community. This site is developed through a skills sponsorship of Greenflex development teams.

Partner of this artistic project for three years, the company provides its internal skills and techniques environmentally friendly ways at each stage of the process: site design by web developers, choice for a website hosting green in the data center of CELESTE. This computer data center, MARILYN, is the first ecological datacenter high density in the world. Tower design allows cooling to 95% of the time by the ambient air or « free cooling ». The increase in total power consumption is estimated at 35% compared to a traditional data center, an approximately 6 GWh economy. In addition, the heat generated by the machine is used to heat the offices. On the environmental side, the choice of flywheels and fiber optics has also been eradicated lead and copper in the data center.
The objective of this approach: bring together all those who want to act to increase awareness of global warming issues. A first partnership was with the agency clusters: Northern, Grand Large group of travelers in the world that can feed the site of their experience and that of those who go there. More generally, the purpose of the sharing site is to provide the platform to educate people and businesses that want to share gestures, promoting behavioral changes and innovations that limit the warming.